Evicam® Central Management System (CMS) and Support Services

Evicam® CMS

The Evicam Central Management System (CMS) is a secure incident recording information system based on wireless network technology. Authorized authenticated users have access to real-time vehicle information as well as stored historical data. The CMS application can be deployed on a single server for small fleets, typically less than 128 vehicles or deployed on multiple servers to support large fleets up to 5,000 vehicles. The secure server application maintains all company, user and vehicle data. The CMS system also includes a client application which securely interacts with the server application and permits authorized users to monitor remote vehicles through the installed MDVR. The Evicam CMS can remotely access any Evicam Secure Vehicle Surveillance System, or can be used on site via cellular, Wi-Fi, direct USB or Ethernet connection.

Main Features:

Monitoring and surveillance of up to 5,000 vehicles;
Improve vehicle usage management;
Quick location positioning, including real-time vehicle speed and direction;
Real-time remote audio and video;
Intercom between drivers and authorized CMS users;
Remote Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) camera control;
Playback of vehicle data (speed, track routes, alarm and sensor information);
Search, download and playback of remote video and audio recordings;
Immediate alarm reporting: speeding, driver emergency/panic button, video loss, HD error, ability to add 6 additional sensors; and
Fuel and power shut-off to vehicles via remote access during emergency situation, vehicles must be properly equipped.

The Evicam CMS can be used in a variety of vehicle applications for real-time remote video monitoring of commercial freight transportation, commercial buses, taxis, school buses, police patrol cars, armored vehicles, ambulances, fire trucks, hazmat vehicles, military vehicles, and other emergency response vehicles. Secure direct access to the MDVRs, streamline the investigation process for Insurance Companies, Law Enforcement and Corporate Fleets and support faster Emergency Medical Response and provide authorities with video and vital information immediately following an accident or criminal incident. The Evicam CMS will continue to be improved and upgraded as new technology becomes available.


Evicam® Support Services

Evicam provides professional system design, software application solutions and system equipment for mobile security projects such as commercial transporters, armored vehicles, commercial buses, school buses, taxis, law enforcement, emergency responders, HazMat vehicles, military vehicles, homeland security, service vehicles and delivery trucks. Our team works closely with your security, safety and IT team, to provide the right system and products that are installed correctly the first time, on budget, and on time. From security advice, system design, setup and installation support and training, we can help you with any project, regardless of size and location.

Evicam Support Services:

Mobile Surveillance System Project Design and Build - Evicam can provide customers with mobile security project design services, which is a means of providing all security system services to include systems design, hardware, software, and documentation;

Mobile Surveillance System Installation Support - Evicam can provide customers with consulting services to supply software and hardware installation support and training; and

Customer Training - Evicam can provide customers with mobile surveillance system training for all Evicam products, both hardware and software.

Evicam® System Schematic

Evicam MDVR System Schematic